Other Services


There are a wide variety of ways to publish Quarto websites. Other articles cover publishing to Quarto Pub, GitHub Pages, Netlify, and Posit Connect. Below we’ll describe some general guidelines as well as offer some specific advice for Firebase, Site44, and Amazon S3. We’ll mostly defer to the documentation provided by the various services, but will note any Quarto website specific configuration required.

The most important thing to understand is that website content is by default written to the _site sub-directory and book content to the _book directory (you can customize either using the output-dir option). Publishing is simply a matter of copying the output directory to a web server or web hosting service.

Rendering for Publish

Prior to publishing you should always to a final render of your project:

quarto render

This is particularly important to remember because changes you make to shared site configuration (e.g. _quarto.yml) aren’t reflected across your entire site until your render the entire project. To ensure that your output is up to date before publishing you should always do a full quarto render.


Google Firebase has a web hosting service that enables easy deployment of websites using a set of command line tools.

Firebase websites by default deploy content from the public directory of the Firebase project directory. This means that you should set the output-dir to "public" within _quarto.yml:

  type: website
  output-dir: public


Site44 is a service that allows you to publish websites from within Dropbox folders. Site44 creates a Dropbox/Apps/site44 directory, and any folders within that directory are published as websites.

The recommended workflow for deploying Quarto websites to Site44 is to develop your website in a separate project directory, and then, when it’s ready for final publishing, copy the contents of the _site directory to the folder for your website.

Amazon S3

If you are a user of Amazon Web Services you can serve your website directly from Amazon S3. Note however that this option is a bit more technically involved than GitHub Pages, Netlify, or Site44. See the article on Hosting a Static Website on Amazon S3 for additional details.

Other Hosts

Any web server or web host can be used to deploy a Quarto website. Here’s a recent CNET roundup of other web hosts you could consider. You can also deploy a Quarto website on any internal (intranet) web server.

You can also render and publish Quarto websites using a Continuous Integration (CI) service. See the articles on Publishing with CI for additional details.