Notebook Filters


If you are rendering existing Jupyter notebooks that were not created with Quarto in mind, you may wish to do some pre-processing on the notebook prior to its conversion to markdown. This can be accomplished by specifying one or more ipynb-filters. These filters are passed the JSON representation of the notebook on stdin and should write a transformed JSON representation to stdout.


For example, this notebook filter uses the nbformat package to read a notebook, prepend a comment to the source of each code cell, and then write it back to stdout:

import sys
import nbformat

# read notebook from stdin
nb = nbformat.reads(, as_version = 4)

# prepend a comment to the source of each cell
for index, cell in enumerate(nb.cells):
  if cell.cell_type == 'code':
     cell.source = "# comment\n" + cell.source
# write notebook to stdout 
nbformat.write(nb, sys.stdout)

You can arrange for this filter to be run using the ipynb-filters option (specified at either the document or project level):


Note that the current working directory for the filter will be set to the location of the input notebook.