Quarto 1.3

Quarto 1.3 is officially released

Quarto 1.3 brings new features, improvements, and fixes.

Quarto 1.3

Charlotte Wickham


April 26, 2023

We are happy to announce that Quarto 1.3 has been released. You can grab the current release from the download page.

If you are ever wondering which version of Quarto you are using, a quick way to check on the command line is:

quarto --version

We’ve previously blogged about some of the features of this release that we were most excited about, but let’s highlight them again.

Code Annotation

You can now add line-based annotations to your code blocks using special code comments along with an ordered list. Code annotations work across many formats, and are interactive in HTML-based formats.

Screenshot a code chunk with annotations. Annotations appear in the code chunk as numbers within circles, and repeat below the code chunk along with the text content of the annotations.

Code Annotation in an HTML document

To learn more, check out the Code Annotation documentation.

Multi-format Publishing

HTML pages (either standalone or in a website) now automatically include links to other formats specified in the document front matter. For example, the following document front matter:

title: Sample Page
author: Norah Jones
date: last-modified
toc: true
  html: default
  ipynb: default

Results in an HTML page that includes a link to the additional notebook format in the right margin below the table of contents:

Screenshot of an HTML page that includes a link to the Jupyter format below the table of contents under the heading Other Formats.

An HTML document with a link to another format

Find out more in the documentation on Including Other Formats.

Jupyter Cell Embedding

Easily include the output of an external Jupyter notebook in a Quarto document with the embed shortcode. Provide the path to a Jupyter Notebook and a cell identifier and the output will be included in your document along with a link back to the source Notebook.

A screenshot of a Quarto page that includes a plot, below the plot is the phrase Source: penguins.ipynb.

A plot embedded in a document from a Jupyter Notebook

Learn more about the embed shortcode in Embedding Jupyter Notebook Cells in the docs.

Confluence Publishing

Atlassian Confluence is a publishing platform for supporting team collaboration. Quarto now provides support for publishing individual documents, as well as projects composed of multiple documents, into Confluence Spaces.

A screenshot of a Quarto project in VS Code. On the left in the Explorer, the project folder is called 'Guide-site', and contains folders 'authoring', and 'computation', along with some other files. A document from the folder 'python' inside the folder 'computations' with the title 'Using Python - site' is open in the Source Pane.

A Quarto Project

A screenshot of Space in Confluence. On the left in the Sdiebar under Pages is a page called 'Guide-site'. Nested under this page are pages called 'authoring', and 'computation', along with some other pages. The 'computation' page item is expanded and shows a page called 'Using Python - site', nested under a page called 'python'. A page is displayed on the right with the title 'Using Python - site'

Published to Confluence

To learn more, head to the documentation on Confluence Publishing.

Other Highlights

Some other notable highlights include:

You can find all the other changes in 1.3, in the Release Notes.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this release by opening issues and pull requests:

ABohynDOE, aborruso, agerlach, aimundo, alperyilmaz, ameliaritger, anaveenan, andrewheiss, apreshill, apsteinmetz, arnaudgallou, aronatkins, arronlacey, ArturKlauser, astrowonk, ats, awehrfritz, b-rodrigues, baptiste, batpigandme, bayeslearner, benabel, BertTijhuis, boshek, brunomioto, busemorose, bvancil, bwelman, cboettig, cgoo4, ChoCho66, cicarrascog, coatless, code86, condwanaland, daniel-smit-haw, daranzolin, davidbudzynski, DavidD003, ddobrinskiy, dgkf, DhruvaSambrani, directknowledge, dkubek, dmalan, dmenne, drcaprosser, drscotthawley, edoson, eeholmes, eitsupi, elgabbas, EllaKaye, emmansh, ericvmai, espinielli, etiennebacher, EvoArt, fire, fortunewalla, freestatman, fuhrmanator, fulem, g-simmons, gadenbuie, GegznaV, ghost, giabaio, githubpsyche, GraceEMc, gregswinehart, GShotwell, guoruizhong, harrelfe, hemonika, henningsway, iandol, ijlyttle, iusgit, ivanek, jake-wittman, jakobarendt, jakub-jedrusiak, javajon, jcmkk3, jcolomb, jdutant, JeffreyRacine, jensschroer, jeremiahpslewis, jfbarthelemy, jhelvy, Jiayou-Chao, jimjam-slam, jkylearmstrong, jmbarbone, jmbuhr, jmcastagnetto, joelvonrotz, JoFrhwld, johannes4998, jrcuesta, jthomasmock, juba, justanothergithubber, KaiWaldrant, kalenkovich, kdheepak, kelly-sovacool, KittJonathan, kmasiello, knuesel, koehlerson, koushikkhan, lcnbr, leovan, linogaliana, m-legrand, m4jing, machow, maelle, malcolmbarrett, marierivers, MattF-NSIDC, mattsams89, mattwarkentin, maxdrohde, mccarthy-m-g, MHellmund, mikheyev, mine-cetinkaya-rundel, mksinicus, mrajeev08, nanxstats, NeubertJonas, nikcleju, njbart, patrickvdb, petrbouchal, philip-khor, philwunderlich, Pierre9344, pitmonticone, pmagwene, poldrack, pommevilla, psychelzh, ratnanil, ravimakhija, RaymondBalise, reuning, rexdouglass, rgaiacs, richardsprague, rjake, rleyvasal, rmcd1024, RobTour, rsenft1, runlevel0, sagikazarmark, salim-b, SamEdwardes, samperman, schochastics, ScientiaFelis, scottamain, scottfranz, sebastian-c, seeM, shafayetShafee, singuyenmai, sje30, snhansen, streepvaren, thedabs91, thomashallam, timothee-bacri, tomshafer, tomsutch, tomvaneyck, topepo, tverbeiren, TylerHillery, ucpresearch, verbalins, vfacta, vlyubchich, VMTdeJong, vpratz, white-c, wklimowicz, XiangyunHuang, Xitian9, xl0, xtimbeau, y9c, yevgenryeznik, zachcp, zkwabm


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