PDF Format Improvements

SVG Images

Starting in Quarto 1.3, we support rendering of PDF documents that include SVG files, automatically converting them to PDF images if rsvg-convert is available on the system path during rendering.

You can learn more about installing librsvg (which provides rsvg-convert), see https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/LibRsvg. To install on specific platforms, follow the below instructions:

Remote Images

Starting in Quarto 1.3, when rendering PDFs, Quarto will automatically fetch remote image references and properly embed them within the PDF.

Filenames with Modifiers

In quarto 1.3, the default filename for PDF files includes variants and modifiers, and so the following YAML front matter will work:

# example.qmd
  pdf+simple: default # generates example+simple.pdf
  pdf: default # generates example.pdf