Quarto Extensions

Quarto v1.2 Required

If you are using or developing extensions you should update to Quarto v1.2, which includes significant improvements to the extension API. Many extensions are also likely to require Quarto v1.2.

Extensions are a powerful way to modify and extend the behavior of Quarto. Below is a listing of available extensions (please let us know if you have an extension you’d like to see added to the list).

See the articles on Creating Extensions to learn how to develop your own extensions.

Revealjs Extensions

Name Description Author
pointer Switch the cursor to a ‘pointer’ style element. quarto-ext
attribution Display attribution text along the right edge of slides. quarto-ext
auto-agenda Automatically creates agenda slides from H1 heading titles. andrie
roughnotation Uses the Rough Notation library to add animated annotations to presentations. EmilHvitfeldt
verticator A plugin that adds indicators to show the amount of slides in a vertical stack. martino
confetti Add some fun and send confetti into your presentation. ArthurData
storybook-revealjs Medieval inspired format for Revealjs mcanouil
ceeos-revealjs Dark grey / white based format for Revealjs mcanouil
rladies-revealjs R-Ladies format for Revealjs beatrizmilz
onyxia-revealjs Onyxia format for Revealjs InseeFrLab
blackboard-revealjs Blackboard like format for Revealjs schochastics
nes-revealjs NES.css format for Revealjs EmilHvitfeldt
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