Quarto Extensions

Extensions are a powerful way to modify and extend the behavior of Quarto. Below is a listing of available extensions (please let us know if you have an extension you’d like to see added to the list).

See the articles on Creating Extensions to learn how to develop your own extensions.

Journal Articles

Name Description Author
acm Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) quarto-journals
acs American Chemical Society (ACS) quarto-journals
agu American Geophysical Union (AGU) quarto-journals
apaquarto Quarto template for American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition (APA7) style W. Joel Schneider
biophysical Biophysical Journal (BJ) quarto-journals
elsevier Format for journals published by Elsevier quarto-journals
jasa American Statistical Association (ASA) quarto-journals
jss Journal of Statistical Software (JSS) quarto-journals
plos Public Library of Science (PLOS) quarto-journals
arxiv Style and template for paper preprints (based on NIPS style) mikemahoney218
tandf Taylor and Francis style. mikemahoney218
sportrxiv Manuscripts for the SportRxiv preprint server. smnnlt
computo Template for contribution to the Computo journal. computorg
asm Quarto template for ASM mSystems. kelly-sovacool
apsr American Political Science Review (APSR) christopherkenny
ieee Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) dfolio
nature Quarto Template for Springer Nature Submissions christopherkenny
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