Quarto Extensions

Quarto v1.2 Required

If you are using or developing extensions you should update to Quarto v1.2, which includes significant improvements to the extension API. Many extensions are also likely to require Quarto v1.2.

Extensions are a powerful way to modify and extend the behavior of Quarto. Below is a listing of available extensions (please let us know if you have an extension you’d like to see added to the list).

See the articles on Creating Extensions to learn how to develop your own extensions.

Shortcodes and Filters

Name Description Author
lightbox Create lightbox treatments for images in your HTML documents. quarto-ext
molstar Shortcode to embed proteins and trajectories with Mol*. jmbuhr
shinylive This extension lets you embed Shinylive applications in a Quarto document. quarto-ext
abstract-section Write an article abstract in a normal section, not the YAML metadata. pandoc-ext
social-share Add buttons to share articles on various social media platforms. schochastics
social-embeds Embed content from across the web into HTML documents using a shortcode. sellorm
fontawesome Use Font Awesome icons in HTML and PDF documents. quarto-ext
academicons Use Academicons in HTML documents schochastics
bsicons Use Bootstrap Icons in HTML documents. shafayetShafee
iconify Use Iconify icons in HTML documents. mcanouil
lordicon Use Lordicon icons in HTML documents. jmgirard
section-biblios Filter that generates a bibliography for each top-level section / chapter. pandoc-ext
latex-environment Output divs as custom LaTeX environments. quarto-ext
fancy-text Output nicely formatted versions of fancy strings such as LaTeX and BibTeX in multiple formats. quarto-ext
animate Shortcode for animating text using Animate.css. mcanouil
qrcode Shortcode to embed QR codes using qrcodejs. jmbuhr
elevator Shortcode for using Elevator.js in HTML documents. mcanouil
nutshell Embed Nutshell expandable explanations in HTML documents. schochastics
code-visibility Directives for filtering code and stream output included within a document. jjallaire
collapse-callout Filter that provides global options to make the Callout Blocks collapsible in HTML documents shafayetShafee
forms Embed flexible HTML forms in documents. Jonathan Graves
code-insertion Add markdown/html code immediately before and/or after a post. Ziyue Li
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