Multi-format Publishing

Automatically link to other formats in HTML documents

In Quarto 1.3, additional formats listed in HTML documents will automatically be linked in an “Other Formats” section near the top of the page.

Quarto 1.3

Charlotte Wickham


March 15, 2023

Quarto 1.3 Feature

This post is part of a series highlighting new features in the 1.3 release of Quarto. Get the latest release the download page

Starting in Quarto 1.3, HTML pages (either standalone or in a website) can automatically include links to other formats specified in the document front matter. For example, the following document front matter:

title: Sample Page
author: Norah Jones
date: last-modified
toc: true
  html: default
  ipynb: default

Results in an HTML page that includes a link to the additional notebook format in the right margin below the table of contents:

Screenshot of a HTML page that includes a link to the Jupyter format below the table of contents under the heading Other Formats.

If a table of contents is enabled for the page, the additional formats will be automatically placed within the table of contents as a new section. If no table of contents is displayed, the additional formats will be displayed in the right margin at the top of the document.

Links to additional formats are displayed by default, but you can control whether they are shown or even which specific formats are included with the format-links YAML option.

Read more about this feature on the Multi-format page of the pre-release highlights.


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