Tarball Installation On Linux


You can install Quarto for a single user on Linux by using the Quarto tarball and following the below set of steps.

1. Download the tarball

wget https://github.com/quarto-dev/quarto-cli/releases/download/v^version^/quarto-^version^-linux-amd64.tar.gz

2. Extract Files

Extract the contents of the tarball to the location where you typically install software (e.g. ~/opt). For example:

mkdir ~/opt
tar -C ~/opt -xvzf quarto-^version^-linux-amd64.tar.gz

3. Create a Symlink

Create a symlink to bin/quarto in a folder that is in your path. If there is no such folder, you can create a folder such as ~/bin and place the symlink there. For example:

For example:

mkdir ~/bin
ln -s ~/opt/quarto-^version^/bin/quarto ~/bin/quarto

4. Add Folder to Path

Ensure that the folder where you created a symlink is in the path. For example:

( echo ""; echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/bin\n' ; echo "" ) >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

5. Check The Installation

Use quarto check to confirm that the installation is successful:

quarto check