1.2 Release Notes

New In This Patch Release

  • Fixes an issue on Windows where Quarto’s built tinytex would not properly find the binary files included with TexLive 2023. This would result in errors compiling PDFs on Windows when using the most up to date version of TinyTex.

Fixed In Previous Patch Releases

  • Fixes an issue using Quarto with the most recent version of jupyter_client (version 8.0.0 and later)
  • Correct handling of the proxy url when starting preview server (fix issue previewing within IDEs)
  • Fix tinytex failure to install packages caused by invalid installation of tinytex on MacOS


  • Always ignore .ipynb inputs when they have a corresponding .qmd
  • Correctly interpret cell metadata with false values
  • Render text/latex outputs as markdown math when they consist entirely of $ math, or are wrapped in a LaTeX environment block (such as \[\begin{align} ... \end{align}\])
  • Use IPython 7.14 import syntax in ojs_define
  • Correct handling of multiple attachments in Jupyter Notebook classic
  • Prevent overwrite of source .ipynb when output format is ipynb
  • Prefer kernel declared in YAML front matter when executing notebooks
  • Fix v1.1 regression in handling of cell display_data w/ Juptyer widgets
  • Allow jupyter kernel to be determined project-wide (#2853)
  • Ensure that Jupyter engine dependencies (widgets) appear after other dependencies (manage require/define conflicts)


  • Support specification of connection option in cell yaml options.


  • support revealjs and html formats in width builtin, fallback gracefully otherwise (#2058)
  • Don’t emit ojs_define HTML in non-html formats (#2338)
  • Support jszip and exceljs (#1981)
  • Improve error messages when cell options are specified with wrong comment syntax (#1856)
  • Hide code-fold chrome when OJS code is hidden (#2134)


  • Preview live reload for changes to extension source files
  • HTML dependencies may be provided by paths to files outside the extension directory
  • HTML dependencies may now include serviceworkers, which are copied into the output directory.
  • New quarto.doc.attach_to_dependency function to attach files to html dependencies (copies files into the lib dir for a named HTML dependency).
  • New quarto.version, which provides the Quarto version
  • New quarto.project.profile which provides the list of currently active profiles (or an empty table if none are active)
  • New quarto.project.directory which provides the current project directory (if a project is active)
  • New quarto.project.output_directory which provides the current project output directory (if a project is active)
  • New quarto.project.offset which provides an offset from the current input document to the project directory.
  • New quarto.doc.input_file which provides the path to the input document
  • New quarto.doc.output_file which provides the path to the output file
  • Ensure that quarto.utils.dump works with pandoc’s builtin global variables (#2254)
  • Provide a better error message for non-existent format resources (#2291)
  • Ability to specify a minimum quarto version via the quarto-required option.
  • Extension may now contribute project types (project metadata which will be merged with a project when project of that type are rendered)
  • Include Pandoc logging Lua module from @wlupton
  • Improve path resolution of extensions
  • Add support for extensions that contribute revealjs-plugins
  • Fix issue loading extensions when the organization name is the same as the extension identifier
  • Fix issue preventing installation of archived extensions from an arbitrary url (#2419)
  • Support installation of extensions using Github archive urls
  • Support installation of extensions from with subdirectories of a github repo
  • Lua require can now find modules adjacent to the current script
  • Use snake case for Quarto Lua API functions (match Pandoc API)
  • Fix theorem captions when there’s no text (#2166, #2228)


  • Project configuration profile for varying configuration and output based on global QUARTO_PROFILE or --profile command-line option.
  • Project level environment variables (including local overrides)
  • Ensure that execute-dir is always resolved to an absolute path

HTML Format

  • Fix error when restoring preserved HTML in output files that use output-file
  • Properly maintain dark/light state when navigating between pages
  • Fix code-copy button issue when page-layout is full with no visible toc (#2388)
  • Add support for scss variables to better control the table of contents appearance ($toc-color,$toc-font-size,$toc-active-border,$toc-inactive-border)
  • Provide more explicit code-copy feedback using a tooltip
  • Improve coloring of code copy button when using various highlight-styles.
  • Support scss variables to customize the code copy button using $btn-code-copy-color, $btn-code-copy-color-active
  • Add support for date-modified in document metadata
  • Wrap inline code elements if necessary

PDF Format

  • Provide a better error message for PDF output that produces an empty document
  • Improved detection of LaTeX caption regions (#2295)
  • Handle LaTeX error messages with no file output more gracefully (#2183)
  • Support cross reference-able figures with callouts
  • Allow cross references inside of a callout
  • Improve margin layout support for twoside, oneside, and twoside=semi options of scrbook
  • Properly default number-sections on when the documentclass is scrbook

Docx Format

  • Properly scale callout icons using DPI
  • Properly space a consecutive table and figure (#2493)

Revealjs Format

  • Update to Reveal v4.3.1 (+ commit e281b32) to fix presentation scaling/zoom issues.
  • Improved title slide that uses normalized author and affiliation schema
  • Introduce template partials for RevealJS. You may provide partials for title-slide.html or toc-slide.html.
  • Ensure that output-location works properly in fenced divs
  • Change SCSS so styles respond to both linkColor and link-color (#2820)
  • When mermaidjs diagrams exist, set viewdistance to cover entire slideshow (#2607)

Markdown Formats

  • Support code folding for markdown output when raw_html is supported.
  • docusaurus-md format for Docusaurus compatible markdown
  • docusaurus and hugo project types for render/preview within external static site generators

Ipynb Format

  • Strip attributes from images when converting to ipynb (leaving the attributes caused problems w/ attachments in VS Code)

AST Formats

  • Remove intermediate metadata for AST formats (native and json)

Google Scholar

  • Properly read Google Scholar reference data from dynamically generated bibliography YML


  • Fix problem with crossref indexing for listing code blocks


  • Don’t require array brackets for tbl-colwidths specification
  • Override standard GT style in multiple-column spanners (#3038)

Authors and Affiliations

  • Improve handling of empty authors
  • Parse author and institute (often used for RevealJs and Beamer) into normalized author schema


  • Properly allow twitter-card and open-graph to override the page description.
  • Don’t discover resources within a site or book output directory
  • Enable use of custom HTML formats for websites
  • Automatically populate sidebar menu using auto option for contents
  • Properly handle margin-header and margin-footer files
  • Ensure that the code-copy button is functional even when margin content is present.
  • Add support for open graph image sizes
  • Fix issue preventing twitter-card site metadata from being emitted.
  • Prevent website content from shifting when page first loads
  • Improve animation smoothness when expanding navbar in mobile mode (#1873)
  • Permit icons in top level navbar, if specified
  • Fix incorrect computation of the next and previous buttons after the first separator


  • Fix issue that caused incomplete search indexes for books
  • Don’t display the book description in each chapter’s title block
  • Book YAML now accepts fields from csl-item schema (#2148, #2398)
  • Book YAML now accepts date-format explicitly (#2148, #2398)


  • Restart Jupyter kernel daemon if preview server is restarted.
  • Enable use of external preview servers for serving project output
  • Add --no-serve command line parameter to prevent serving altogether
  • Do not add trailing slash to VSCODE_PROXY_URI set by code-server


  • Handle CNAME file for gh-pages either without or without protocol prefix (e.g. https://)


  • Italian translation for Quarto UI text
  • Polish translation for Quarto UI text
  • Korean translation for Quarto UI text

Listing and Feeds

  • Fix escaping issue in RSS feed fields
  • Properly support max-desc-length to trim descriptions within listings
  • Properly support exclude globs (like !blog/index.qmd) when resolve listing contents

Bibliographies and Citations

  • Support formats bibtex, biblatex, and csljson. When rendered to one of these formats any citations within the document will be rendered as the specified bibliography format.
  • Always add citeproc filter if citeproc: true is specified, even if there isn’t a bibliography or references in the document (#2294)
  • Don’t process citations twice when citeproc is specified (#2393)
  • Fix citation-hover for footnote style reference formats


  • quarto install tinytex will now install TinyTex even if a system installation of TeX is detected.
  • quarto install tinytex will no longer add TinyTex to the system path by default.
  • When rendering PDFs, Quarto will prefer an existing installation of TinyTex over a system Tex installation
  • To prevent Quarto from using an installation of TinyTex (if you’d prefer the system installation be used), set latex-tinytex: false in your project or document front matter.
  • To install TinyTex system wide, using the --update-path flag when installing (this will add TinyTex to the system path)

Video Shortcode

  • The video shortcode extension is now native to the Quarto CLI
  • Reveal-JS Video Snippet backgrounds are now better supported. For common video snippets, like YouTube, you can specify them as background-video and quarto will ensure the correct embed URL is used and swap to background-iframe background if needed.

Creating Artifacts

  • Introduce a new quarto create command which will create projects or extensions


  • Render: ability to set enigne and jupyter metadata values from the command line
  • Render: ability to compose --to all with other formats (e.g. --to all,json)
  • Don’t call Deno.realPathSync on Windows (avoid problems w/ UNC paths)
  • Don’t include Unicode literals on Windows directly (#2184), thanks @yihui
  • Improve YAML validation error messages on values of type object (#2191)
  • Upgrade esbuild to 0.15.6
  • Implement –help option for quarto preview and quarto run
  • Increase contrast for a11y-light theme to work with default code-block background (#2067, #2528)
  • Use deno arm64 native binaries on macOS
  • Resolve absolute paths in include shortcodes (#2320)
  • New metadata field quarto-required to specify required versions of quarto in a document
  • Provide project configuration for calls to quarto inspect for files
  • Improve YAML validation error messages on closed schemas (#2349)
  • Don’t use default width/height on mermaid diagrams when better information is available (#2383)
  • Improve YAML validation error messages on invalid YAML objects that include x = y (#2434)
  • Forward --log-level to Pandoc via --trace, --verbose, and --quiet
  • Disallow names with paths in command line option --output and YAML option output-file (#2440)
  • Add possible chrome process running error to the error message thrown when quarto fails to connect to chrome headless (#2499)
  • Only pass pagetitle metadata for HTML file output
  • Provide non-HTML treatment for code block filename
  • prevent Chrome CRI race during initialization (#2733)
  • Work around mermaid-format: svg diagram clipping (#1622)
  • Don’t use tree-sitter outside of interactive IDE contexts (#2502)
  • Support custom Lua writers in YAML front matter (#2687)
  • Better error message with inadvertent ! in YAML strings (#2808)
  • More precise underlining of YAML validation errors (#2681)
  • When converting raw html tables to pdf, use all tables generated (#2615)
  • Fix theorem (thm, def, …) environments in all formats (#2866)
  • Upgrade to deno 1.25.2, which should lead to a 2-3x speedup in quarto startup time and fix an issue with Fedora 37 (#3012)
  • quarto preview: only prefix paths with / when needed (#3183)