1.1 Release Notes


  • Daemonize jupyter notebooks referenced within listings (e.g. in a blog)
  • Refine over-detection of Jupyter shell magics (which prevented kernel daemonization)
  • Use on-disk cache for filtered jupyter notebooks
  • Prevent error in quarto check when Jupyter is installed but has no Python kernel
  • Don’t run ipynb-filters for qmd source files (only run them for ipynb source files)
  • More gracefully handle cell outputs with no data (don’t print warning, just ignore)
  • Handle non-textual data from jupyter’s plain text output more robustly (#1874)
  • Use IJulia’s built-in conda environment / jupyter install for julia notebooks/qmds


  • Correct handling of knitr::include_graphics() within inline expressions.
  • Improve error message for HTML being emitted in non-HTMl formats (#1745)
  • Compatibility with rgl plots (#1800, thanks @dmurdoch)


  • Better handle OJS code blocks that begin with empty lines
  • Better OJS support for dark vs light mode
  • Support passing Pandas Series
  • Update to latest OJS runtime (adding support for latest ObservableHQ runtime)
  • Fix multi-column regression (#1698)
  • Hide declarations in hugo format (#1812)
  • Enable OJS runtime in the presence of ojs_define (#1846)
  • Emit subcaptions correctly (#1711)
  • Use forward slashes in paths so OJS compilation works on windows (#1605)


  • Update to Pandoc 2.19
  • Support for embed-resources document option
  • Remove workaround for https://github.com/jgm/pandoc/issues/8099


  • Write additional citation metadata for compatibility with Highwire/Zotero (#1609)
  • Support for nocite within _project.yml for book projects (#1660)
  • Improve support for Google Scholar metadata with extension to support Zotero / Highwire metadata (see https://quarto.org/docs/authoring/create-citeable-articles.html#citation-fields)


  • Use ‘Appendix’ as prefix for references to chapters in appendix
  • Index book crossrefs using shorter paths (fix path error seen in #1770)
  • Improve handling of solution/proof content (filter headings, support code blocks)
  • Insert non-breaking space between entity type (e.g. Figure/Table) and number.
  • Fix crossref numbering for docx books

Code Blocks

  • Support filename attribute for attaching a file name header to code blocks
  • Improve YAML parse error messages in r code blocks using !expr YAML (#1949)


  • Support captions in HTML tables with df-print: paged (#1597)
  • GT tables in HTML format can be themed by quarto and follow quarto themes by default (#1834)

Mermaid diagrams

  • Support echo: true and other per-document settings (#1485)

HTML Format

  • Respect toc-depth in the HTML format (bootstrap) rather than always acting as if depth is 3.
  • Add group attribute to panel-tabset for syncing selected tab across many tabsets
  • Properly uncollapse sidebars / toc when page width elements are displayed on a page
  • Properly display section numbers in the table of contents when enabled.
  • Properly display banner style title blocks at mobile size.
  • Improve CSS for print media formats (#1824) (thanks @hadley)
  • Fix ‘flickering’ TOC when margin content overlays a TOC

RevealJS Format

  • Don’t ignore auto stretch rules when speaker notes are present
  • Target references and footnotes slides for citation and footnote links
  • Automatically include chalkboard src json as a resource when publishing
  • Respect styles of ordered lists (#1970)

ePub Format

  • Don’t do knitr post-processing for ePub format (corrupts epub output file)

PDF Format

  • Don’t include template path in the TeX search path when compiling PDFs. Use format-resources instead.

Docx Format

  • Don’t error when code blocks appear in callouts (overly broad validation error)

Format Templates

  • Expand globs in template-partials (#1248)


  • Correctly align dark/light toggle in navbar (thanks @FabioRosado)
  • Support navbar:logo-alt to provide alternate text for navbar logos
  • Support navbar:logo-href to provide custom link for navbar logo & title
  • Improve appearance of blog categories in title block


  • Support specifying and displaying DOI for books
  • Don’t show chapter number in narrow HTML layouts (#1611)


  • Don’t attempt to open browser when in a server session
  • Respect VSCODE_PROXY_URI set by code-server


  • Properly copy format-resources for HTML based formats
  • Extension YAML files _extension.yml are now validated at render time. (#1268)
  • Support boolean values in Shortcode meta access
  • Make quarto.base64 module available to extensions
  • Support installing extensions from any GitHub tag or branch (#1836)


  • Detect authentication error for quarto.pub and re-establish credentials
  • More compact status display when running in CI environments
  • Automatically detect single file publishing source within directory
  • Automatically disable Netlify css/html/js asset optimization
  • Respect site-url specified in config for GitHub Pages


  • Finnish localization (thanks @jkseppan)
  • Dutch localization (thanks @bwelman)


  • Refactor configuration to make it easier to use external binaries
  • Added conda-recipe (thanks @msarahan)


  • Allow environment variables to override paths to binary dependencies
  • Support cover-image-alt to specify alt text for a book’s cover image
  • Correctly support Giscus category-id property
  • Correctly support output-file names that contain . characters (like file.name.html)
  • Avoid file permission errors in additional cases (thanks @jmbuhr)
  • QUARTO_PRINT_STACK environment variable to print stack along with error messages
  • More compact download progress when installing Quarto tools in CI environments
  • Ignore case when loading date local files from lang
  • Don’t break cells incorrectly with math expressions (#1781)
  • Development version cleans old vendor directory on success (https://github.com/quarto-dev/quarto-cli/pull/1863#issuecomment-1215452392)
  • properly support YAML scalar syntax (#1838)
  • Add support for Giscus lazy loading (use loading: lazy #1357)
  • Properly handle duplicated affilations in author metadata (#1286)
  • Display image path when an error occurs reading PNG metadata
  • quarto run *.ts preserves stdout and stderr (#1954)
  • Lua filters: quarto.utils.dump does not loop on circular structures (#1958)