Quarto workshops at posit::conf(2024)

On August 12, we’re hosting a day of workshops featuring three dedicated to Quarto at posit::conf(2024) in Seattle


Isabella Velásquez and Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


May 28, 2024

Join us for posit::conf(2024) in Seattle! On August 12, we’re hosting a day of workshops featuring three dedicated to Quarto. Check out the options below and find the workshop that’s just right for you. Already found your ideal Quarto workshop? Register today!

Introduction to Quarto

Build-a-Dashboard Workshop (with Quarto, R, and/or Python)

Quarto Websites

Introduction to Quarto

This workshop will prepare you to author a rich array of documents in Quarto, the next generation of R Markdown. Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system that offers multilingual programming language support to create dynamic and static documents, books, presentations, blogs, and other online resources.

This workshop focuses on single documents. You will learn to create static documents, add interactivity to them with Shiny and HTML widgets, or steer them toward sophisticated scientific documents.

In the afternoon, you’ll use the same authoring approaches to create slide presentations in various formats, such as reveal.js, Beamer, and PPTX.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Have a basic knowledge of how to use the RStudio IDE,

  • Have some familiarity with Markdown, or

  • Are excited to author flexible single documents like technical reports and slide presentations.

Build-a-Dashboard Workshop (with Quarto, R, and/or Python)

You already analyze and summarize your data in computational notebooks with R and/or Python. What’s next? 

You can share your insights or allow others to make their own conclusions in eye-catching dasboards and straight-forward to author, design, and deploy Quarto Dashboards, regardless of the language of your data processing, visualization, analysis, etc. With Quarto Dashboards, you can create elegant and production-ready dashboards using a variety of components, including static graphics (ggplot2, Matplotlib, Seaborn, etc.), interactive widgets (Plotly, Leaflet, Jupyter Widgets, htmlwidgets, etc.), tabular data, value boxes, text annotations, and more. Additionally, with intelligent resizing of components, your Quarto Dashboards look great on devices of all sizes.

And importantly, you can author Quarto Dashboards without leaving the comfort of your “home” – in plain text markdown with any text editor (VS Code, RStudio, Neovim, etc.) or any notebook editor (JupyterLab, etc.). This workshop will walk you through building an increasingly complex dashboard using various layout options and deploying them as static web pages (with no special server required), as well as with a Shiny Server on the backend for enhanced interactivity.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Do data analysis in computational notebooks,

  • Share your results with your audience in static or interactive dashboards and

  • Want to improve the design, user interface, and experience of your dashboards.

Quarto Websites

Do you need a professional website to showcase your work? Or have you got an idea for a website at work, but it needs to reflect your organization’s brand? If you’ve used Quarto to produce a document, you’ve already got the technical skills to create a Quarto website. In this workshop, you’ll learn everything else you need to build a website and customize its appearance.

You’ll get a running start by using a template we’ve designed to be functional and attractive but also act as a guide for your learning. Then you’ll:

  • Add pages and navigation, and learn best practices for structuring your content.

  • Master the basics of SCSS and CSS and how they apply to Quarto websites to customize your site’s visual appearance.

  • Use listings, a special kind of page, to showcase related content like blog posts, projects, or talks.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have built and published (if you want) a personal website, but the same tools and techniques will apply to any kind of website you might like to build.

We’ll assume you’ve used Quarto to produce documents, but we won’t assume you have any HTML, CSS/SCSS, or Git/GitHub experience, nor will we assume any particular programming language (R, Python, etc.) or level of programming experience.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Have used Quarto to generate documents (e.g., HTML, PDF, MS Word, etc.)

  • Are comfortable editing plain text documents (e.g., `.qmd`) in your IDE (e.g., RStudio, Visual Studio Code, etc.) and

  • Want to walk away with your own personal website.

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