ASA Traveling Courses on Quarto

From R Markdown to Quarto

Series of workshops for learning Quarto with R and RStudio, aimed primarily at R Markdown users.


Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel


December 5, 2023

In 2023, Dr. Andrew Bray and I gave a series of six workshops on Quarto as part of the Traveling Courses program sponsored by the American Statistical Association.

The workshop was designed for those who want to take their R Markdown skills and expertise and apply them in Quarto, the next generation of R Markdown. Participants learned how to apply their reproducible authoring skills to the Quarto format and about new tools and workflows for authoring with Quarto in RStudio. The workshop covered creating static documents and presentations, building websites, and writing blogs and books. Finally, participants learned various ways to deploy and publish their Quarto projects on the web.

Home pages and links to source code for each of the six workshops are listed below:

Nebraska Chapter
Omaha, Nebraska
April 28, 2023
Homepage of Nebraska Chapter workshop
Oregon Chapter
Portland, Oregon
June 10, 2023
Homepage of Oregon Chapter workshop
Alaska Chapter
Anchorage, Alaska
June 20, 2023
Homepage of Alaska Chapter workshop
Ohio Chapter
Virtual Workshop on Zoom
August 18, 2023
Homepage of Ohio Chapter workshop
Boston Chapter
Virtual Workshop on Zoom
September 20, 2023
Homepage of Boston Chapter workshop
Mid-Tennessee Chapter
Nashville, Tennessee
October 20, 2023
Homepage of Mid-Tennessee Chapter workshop

One of the Quarto features we leveraged in organizing these materials is that you can publish to different QuartoPub URLs from the same repository with quarto publish. After each workshop, we created a release on GitHub to take a snapshot of the materials for that workshop, and for the subsequent workshop, we made edits to the materials on the main branch and published them to a new URL.

The source code for everything can be found at Also in the GitHub organization is a repo containing the “your turn” exercises for the workshops:

All materials are released with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. If you are teaching a Quarto workshop, feel free to reuse any and all of these materials. And if you’re learning Quarto, you might find it helpful to follow along with any of the workshops listed above.

Happy learning and happy teaching!


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