Using Callouts

Use callouts to draw attention to important complementary content without interupting the document flow


Charles Teague


February 13, 2022

Callouts are an excellent way to draw extra attention to certain concepts, or to more clearly indicate that certain content is supplemental or applicable to only some scenarios.

Callout Basics

There are five different types of callouts available.

  • note
  • tip
  • important
  • caution
  • warning

The color and icon will be different depending upon the type that you select.


Create callouts in markdown using the following syntax (note that the first markdown heading used within the callout is used as the callout heading):

Note that there are five types of callouts, including:
`note`, `tip`, `warning`, `caution`, and `important`.

## Tip With Caption

This is an example of a callout with a caption.

See our documentation on Callouts, to learn more, including more about how to customize the appearance and behavior of callouts.


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